E-Juice Myths and Facts

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There seems to be an endless measure of rumours you will hear about vaping and e-juice, whether it’s from friends or the news. They range from the baseless to the downright deceptive. Here are a few top myths and the facts about them:

1. E-liquids are dangerous

This is one of the most common myths spread by people that are uneducated on the subject of vaping. There are 3/4 ingredients used in an e-liquid: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, natural or artificial grade flavouring concentration and nicotine, which is optional.

With the exception of nicotine, the rest are all components used in many other products like food and cosmetics.

2. E-liquids Contain Anti-Freeze

One of the ingredients in making e-liquid is Propylene Glycol, which is also used in anti-freeze. To the people using this as an excuse, its the equivalent of telling someone they’re drinking beer when they’re just having a glass of water. PG is also used to keep many areas in hospitals sanitary.

3. E-cigarettes give you popcorn lung

This is another famous myth that is often thrown in the vaping industry. The big problem was about e-liquids containing diacetyl, which was the cause of popcorn lung in factory workers from breathing in very high levels of diacetyl in popcorn factories. A study later showed that smokers were exposed to 750 times the diacetyl levels than those that vaped.

4.Nicotine causes cancer

This has seemed more like a tactic for scaring people, and it usually works. Nicotine is not a carcinogen in and of itself. It is the cocktail of thousands of other chemicals in cigarettes. In fact, though it is highly addictive, nicotine on its own is about as harmful as caffeine to your body.

5.E-cigarettes are the gateway to tobacco use

A lot of the people against vaping bring up children and teens using these devices and then later turning to regular cigarettes in the future, which is a valid concern. However, tobacco harm reduction education in public schooling is much more efficient now. Most teens know the consequences and know its bad for their health.

6.Vaping is as harmful to your body as cigarettes

Vaping involves smoking an e-liquid made up of 4 components out of which the only substance to watch out for the nicotine. However, cigarettes are a deadly cocktail of thousands of chemicals, and it is obvious which one is more harmful. We can breathe comparatively better, keep our endurance, and have an increased sense of smell and taste, all things that were hampered by smoking.