About TReND

The Tobacco Research Network on Disparities (TReND) is a core group of researchers from diverse disciplines and institutions who are working together to increase our understanding of the relationship between tobacco and health disparities. The goal of their research is to promote effective ways of reducing the unequal burden of tobacco’s harmful effects on groups who are most at-risk.

In 2002, participants in the National Conference on Tobacco and Health Disparities identified key areas in which knowledge about tobacco and health disparities was lacking. They outlined a research agenda that called upon many different scientific disciplines to help eliminate these disparities.

In response, the National Cancer Institute in collaboration with the Legacy Foundation established the Tobacco Research Network on Disparities with the mission of generating new research and translating it into action.

Download complete materials from TReND's capstone meeting in October 2010.

Read interviews with some of the TReND researchers...

Visit NCI’s site for detailed information about TReND’s research projects and investigators.

A closeup photo shows an Asian woman with black, shoulder-length hair.
A quotation reads: “Embedded in the challenge to eliminate health disparities is the need to address tobacco use and related diseases among underserved and understudied populations.” —“Eliminating Tobacco-Related Health Disparities: Directions for Future Research,” American Journal of Public Health

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